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This wonderful customer waited patiently for me to finish this amazing dress.  She looks amazing. Wish I had more of that fabric.  

Mother of the Bride for this picture.

This dress was sleeveless and I was able to work sleeves on for her.

So beautiful!!

A new concept that I tried with a very thin layer of wool.  Its a "sweatshirt" with a front pocket and writing on the back.  Customer tried it on. 

I was lucky enough to participate in the Newport Beach Art Festival.  Had a blast and this lovely young lady purchased 3 of my vest!!!  

I even got in the Newport Daily News.  Thanks to Susan Hoffman for capturing a great photo.

What a great experience.

April 14, 2016

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So I think so far my favorite piece is this silk that was a D&G print.  I decided it needed to be flowey, (is that a word).  So I draped it and then began to lay the roving on it.  It turned out so cute.  Low in the back and the length is perfect.  So cute with brown boots.  I sold it though at the Palm Desert Art Show a couple of weeks...

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